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The turtleneck is back – and it’s one of our favourite Basics items. This turtleneck jumper is not only functional, but can also be worn with almost any outfit thanks to its minimalist design. The Swiss fashion blogger @entre_dois shows us how it’s done. Steve Jobs sported the classic piece in almost every presentation he gave for new Apple products, and Steve McQueen wore it in the film Bullitt , which made him into an icon. This winter, we’ll be wearing it too. This turtleneck jumper is a lightweight, silky soft long-sleeve top with an unbelievably cosy feel. Influencer @entre_dois pairs this lightweight turtleneck jumper in classic white with worn-look high waist jeans, creating a relaxed, casual leisure look. We think this simple but striking look deserves full marks for style!
The turtleneck is back – now as a light, silkily flowing long-sleeved top in classic white
The mountains are covered in snow, and the time has finally arrived: the long-awaited ski trip is here at last. We’ve put together the four ultimate must-haves for when you’re racing down the freshly prepared slopes in the bright sunlight. 1. Warm underwear We recommend Merino wool underwear to keep you warm even on ice-cold days on the slopes. Merino wool reliably preserves body heat, is com
Photo by Simon Schoepf on Unsplash
It used to be that young girls wore bustiers, women wore bras. But this strict division has long been done away with, and bustiers have become a trend item for every generation. But women still face the tricky question: bustier or bra? The days when
Lace comes in every imaginable pattern and colour – and we love it all. Lace has long since shaken off its reputation for being old-fashioned and become the new ‘it’ fabric, lending a certain something special to even the most simple outfit. Timeless beauty Lace first appeared in northern Italy in the 15th century. Due to its complex manufacturing process and high-quality materials, it was expen
Photo: Blogger Sarah Quan - Fashionboho
Give your love life a boost in 2018 and wear red this New Year’s Eve – but only underneath... Amore Rosso Italian custom says that men and women should wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve to encourage love and passion in the year to come. The custom is thought to stem from Roman times, when emperor Augustus believed red underwear to bring luck (and what a wise man he was!). So just pop the right coloured underwear on and let love find you – sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? If only it were that easy... As with everything in life, there’s a catch. To make the love charm work its magic, you need to make sure that: 1. The underwear was a gift. 2. The underwear is only worn on New Year’s Eve. So we’ve put red underwear right at the top of our Christmas list...