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Athleisure is this year’s hottest trend. The sporty look is becoming everyday wear. We take a look at the trend and show you our must-have items. Sportswear is no longer just for the gym – athleisure also goes perfectly with casual Fridays at the office or spontaneous after-work drinks. The term ‘athleisure’ is a portmanteau of ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure’. As people’s lifestyles become more active, the boundaries are blurring between everyday clothing, business looks and leisurewear. Comfy, cool and chic – the athleisure look combines all three. From a long-haul flight to lunch with friends Gone are the days when trainers, leggings and a hoodie were only acceptable at the gym or in your own living room – this outfit is now appropriate anywhere from the supermarket to the office, or even a cocktail bar. The athleisure style doesn’t just make you look sporty – it’s also super comfy, making it the perfect fit for our hectic lifestyles. Want to try out the athleisure look? Here are some of o
The look of the week comes from the blogger @herstyleboard. She is an expert in the current ‘less is more’ trend. Simple underwear can look glamorous and elegant, especially in delicate grey tones. 14 February is Valentine’s Day! It’s the perfect moment for exciting yet comfortable underwear. The Swiss/German blogger Georgia @herstyleboard shows us two exciting, seductive looks that are sure to be a hit on Valentine’s Day. The daywear series Sofija impresses with its delicate lace look made from a shimmering viscose b
Valentine’s Day is almost here! Let yourself be seduced by our range of elegant lace items. From ravishingly refined lingerie to exquisitely elegant sleepwear – there is no better opportunity to treat yourself or surprise your nearest and dearest. Lose your heart to our romantic lace bras, get the sporty chic look with our fashionable bustiers, or get your hands on supreme comfort with our soft tops. Feel ultimately confident and feminine with the right underwear. Unbeatable looks: Get inspired> Elegant sleepwear that
The finer and better quality the fabric, the more important it is to care for your product correctly. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you ensure that your lace doesn’t become damaged, frayed or faded. It can be difficult to know how certain fabrics should be washed, and lace is one material that needs to be looked after particularly carefully. Lace and tulle come in different materials, shapes and colours, so it is important to follow the care instructions on the label. However, there are also some g
The all-white look in new nuanced tones is brightening up our winter. Cloudy winter days call for soft and cosy pieces in gentle shades of white. The all-white look is always sure to impress – wearing white from head to toe not only makes you look exceptionally clean and elegant, but also quite brave! Avoid any similarity to a nurse’s uniform by mixing different shades, textures and materials. Layering will also give your look a light and modern feel. Combine the right shades of white Cream, grey melé o
White on white: Shop the look