Daily Functionwear - Added value for added comfort

No organ serves as many functions as the skin: it regulates our body temperature, protects us against both heat and cold and is our sensory interface to the world. CALIDA looked to nature for inspiration when it designed its new Daily Functionwear lines.

CALIDA Daily Functionwear is like a second skin. The materials used for the Daily Functionwear series boast additional features that noticeably improve comfort for people with active lifestyles. They offer optimal moisture and temperature control as well as greater breathability – and the level of comfort CALIDA is known for. Nature’s best is combined with sustainable material innovations in premium Swiss quality.


Additional features:

 Daily function additional features | CALIDA

Looking for clothing for a specific daily situation?

The Daily Functionwear series is multifunctional – for leisure activities or at work, in the great outdoors or at the office:


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Looking for clothing that suits your unique temperature sensitivity?

Depending on a person's unique temperature sensitivity, weather conditions and the level of physical exertion, a variety of different materials play their part. Which type are you?


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Lines for 'I get warm easily’


Lines for ‘I get cold easily’