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We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping – something we take for granted, until we have a problem falling or staying asleep. Trouble sleeping is a very common problem. We’ll give you a few tips that might help you have a restful and relaxing night's sleep. 1. Only go to bed when you’re tired Sounds logical, but this concept is frequently ignored. The body tells us when it needs to sleep by exhibiting symptoms of tiredness. In other words, this means: only go to bed when you’re truly tired. 2. Bring things to the right temperature A pleasant ambient temperature can help you sleep. Make sure that the temperature in your bedroom is lower than in other parts of your home. Cooler temperatures signal to your body that it’s time to save energy and scale back on activity. The optimal room temperature is between 16° and 18°. In winter, the bedroom should be a little heated, since mould can grow in rooms that are too cold. Quickly airing out the room before falling asleep is also recommend
The temperatures are steadily dropping, and we are dreaming of underwear that keeps us cosy and warm. It’s about time to show you our favourites for the colder season. Timelessly attractive: True Confidence and Wool&Silk made from virgin merino wool and silk. The fine blend of natural fibres provides natural temperature and moisture control while retaining heat especially well. Silk and wool store a special kind of warmth: our own body heat. Line Motion The Motion series combines the natural softness of the finest cott
Our soft, warming flannel is a classic in sleepwear. This especially cosy material is perfect for cool nights and relaxing days at home. The chequered women sleepshirt in grey/blue features a typical pyjama design. Beautiful details like the button placket tab and lapel collar emphasise its casual look. Its subtle check pattern and the rounded seam lend the nightdress a modern touch. Our Susannah series is made from 100% cotton flannel. The soft, warming flannel is napped on the inside and outside, making it especially
Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. Natural and synthetic fibres both have their advantages and disadvantages – and the perfect material is often a mix of the two. Nowadays you are confronted with countless different materials while you’re clothes shopping, from Modal, viscose and cotton to Tencel and polyester. We’ll explain what really lies behind the names. Fibres from natural origins Fibres from natural origins can be roughly divided into two categories: fibres derived from pl
The mini-me partner look is a family fashion statement. Our Family Time series offers matching pyjamas for mothers and daughters and fathers and sons. Cuddles and cosy bedtimes guaranteed! Is your family an unbeatable team, and are you looking for the perfect outfit to show it? Then our Family Time collection is just the thing for you. After all, a good sense of style can start at any age. If you fancy a mini-me pyjama party at home, CALIDA has girls’ and boys’ styles that perfectly complement mum and d
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