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The men’s undershirt is an undervalued item. In today’s working world, an undershirt is a matter of style. We’ll show you what makes a good business undershirt! When it comes to your working day, there are many good reasons for having the perfect thing on underneath. Imagine a stylish man taking off his expensive jacket during an important meeting, only to reveal the sweat spots under his arms. The good impression is gone in an instant. A high quality business undershirt can help you avoid this faux pas. A business T-shirt prevents sweat spots, and is also breathable and regulates body temperature – contrary to the misconception that you sweat more in an undershirt! Unlike deodorant, an undershirt protects your back and chest too, and also stops you from getting chilly. In addition, the soft material is often more comfortable than the plain shirt. The difference between a business T-shirt and a classic undershirt Classic undershirts are usually vest tops. The business T-shirt or business undershirt, however, has short sleeves, which prevents it from showing though the shirt. In add
For everyone. Discover Daily Functionwear by CALIDA today. The series are the right fit for any requirement – whether for work or leisure, day or night. Feel good around the clock – that’s greatness born in Switzerland. The Daily Functionwear collection is also clever. It knows that every day is unique and that everyone feels temperature in a different way. Depending on the weather and the kind o
A green light for the most in-demand colour of the season – red. Be it for a monochrome look or as a splash of colour on neutral tones, we show you how red can help you to stand out from the crowd, even on dark autumnal days. Real radiance The Eliz
You’re keen to be casual but still très chic? Then look no further than the buttoned Julianne pyjamas! After all, shirt-style pyjamas are a popular trend right now. A French flair The Julianne pyjamas combine the trendy shirt-style design with a touch of dreaminess, while still ensuring you have an air of nonchalance. The intricate floral print on the rich colour, parisian night, emphasises the f
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Explore this autumn's trend colours and fall in love with the warm and powerful blend of natural colours! In the autumn, the natural world is a sea of colours. High time to explore the latest trends in colours for the new season. CALIDA's versatile loungewear and sleepwear brings autumn to your home, giving you plenty of feel-good moments. Autumnal colour 1: Red! This autumn the world of fashion is dominated by one colour: red! The catwalk collections have been 'red hot' with this colour. Anything goes with red: from rich, bright coral reef reds to dark and dreamy Bordeaux tones. And of course, there’s every shade in between as well. Autumnal colour 2: The green light for green Green is here to stay! This cheery colour has been the must-have shade for the past few seasons. The wide variety of different greens is also reflected in our outfits for autumn and winter. Dark and earthy khaki tones and warm, dusky shades of olive enrich the green palette. Autumnal colour 3: A pinch of paste
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