Apprenticeships at CALIDA provide an excellent starting point for a successful career. We understand how important it is to support the next generation, which is why we provide talented young candidates with sound basic training that is both exciting and varied.

Our trainers possess solid expertise and considerable experience. If apprentices fall behind in the classroom or at the workplace, CALIDA will provide individual internal or external support whenever possible.

Product familiarisation and mental coaching round off the apprenticeship programme. The autumn excursion and the mentor-and-student event are just a few of the activities organised especially for our trainees. We also offer introductory courses to provide potential students with an insight into the various options.





Are you ready to take your first steps on the career ladder? On the lookout for an apprenticeship placement with plenty of variety and good future prospects? Then you’re in the right place. We’re looking for young, motivated and fashion-concious school-leavers who are keen to start their career with CALIDA. 

Why do we offer apprenticeships?

Teaching apprentices is an important job, one that is both rewarding and challenging. We put a lot of time and effort into supporting the next generation of workers. It’s all about give and take. Our aim is to provide apprentices with expertise and make them passionate about their job; in return, we expect commitment and hard work. The goal of our apprenticeship concept is to train skilled, motivated workers who enjoy what they do.





Business administration assistant (Basic/Advanced/Matura) with Swiss Federal Certificate

Target group:
• School leavers from secondary school (level A, B or grammar school in Switzerland)
• Good language and numeracy skills 
• Like working with other people 
• Affinity for fashion and textiles

Number of apprenticeships: 2 per year
Apprenticeship positions available from August 2019


IT clerk specialising in system technology with Swiss Federal Certificate

Target group:
• School leaver from secondary school (level A, B or grammar school in Switzerland)
• Very good performance in maths and English at school
• Strong technical understanding and ability to think logically and outside of the box

Number of apprenticeships: 1 per year
Apprenticeship position available from August 2019


Logistics clerk with Swiss Federal Certificate

Target group: 
• School leaver from secondary school (level A, B or C in Switzerland) 
• Very good German skills 
• Strong numeracy skills 
• Good health and fitness

Number of apprenticeships: 1 every 3 years
Apprenticeship position available from August 2019



Chef with Swiss Federal Certificate

Target group: 
• School leaver who has completed mandatory schooling 
• Enjoys cooking and working with food 
• Careful and responsible approach to work

Number of apprenticeships: 1 every 2 years

Apprenticeship position available from August 2020




Our apprentices grow gradually into their roles and into the working environment. You are looked after by your vocational trainers and benefit from working closely with experienced experts. We apply the following rule: first you find your feet in your new role, then you start to solve problems on your own, gain experience, learn from your mistakes, and work with others to generate good results. By the end of your apprenticeship, you will be a skilled professional.





You are an open-minded person and motivated to play an active role in our team. As an organised team player, you are just as comfortable working with other members of your team as you are on your own. You approach all your new tasks with a great deal of curiosity and interest – if you meet all these criteria, you’ll blend perfectly with our team of apprentices.





One of the things I love most about CALIDA is that you can count on the support of your colleagues at any time.
(Lilian Emmenegger, apprentice business administration clerk)

Apprentices have the chance to incorporate their own ideas into day-to-day working life; that’s great. 
(Seraina Hummel, apprentice business administration clerk)

I like that you get to change departments every six months; this approach guarantees a comprehensive and varied programme. 
(Marko Jevtovic, apprentice business administration clerk)

CALIDA trusts apprentices to take on various tasks, even the more demanding ones, and assume a certain level of responsibility. 
(Raphael Schatzmann, apprentice business administration clerk)

One of the things I love most about CALIDA is the choice of placements. 
(Sabrina Renggli, apprentice chef)

I like that CALIDA organises a trip for us apprentices and gives us the chance to go on an excursion with other apprentices and our supervisors. 
(Jon Bill, apprentice business administration clerk)

You get to learn something new every day at CALIDA. 
(Oliver Buck, apprentice IT clerk)

I think it’s great that you get to work with new people each time you change departments. 
(Nina Kaufmann, apprentice business administration clerk)






CALIDA can be broken down into the following areas:


  • Product Development covers the entire scope of development, from design and material development to procurement and quality control.
  • Brand & Communications supports and guides our brand with powerful marketing campaigns based on the concept of 360° communication.
  • Retail is the face of our brand. It manages and looks after around 120 exclusive stores.
  • Wholesale looks after around 3,000 specialist retail partners in 23 countries.
  • Operations runs our production facilities in Hungary and is responsible for seamless processes throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Further service departments, like HR, IT and Finance, support swift and efficient workflows.




If you are interested in an apprenticeship at CALIDA, please send us all your application documents including the trainee application form.

Alternatively, if you would like to take one of our introductory courses, please send us a short application and any relevant certificates.

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