Daily Functionwear for 'I get warm easily'

Depending on a person's unique temperature sensitivity, weather conditions and the level of physical exertion, a variety of different materials play their part.

Do you get warm easily? Then the following lines are perfect for you:


Tencel | CALIDA

The smooth, soothing texture of TENCEL® is combined with the comfortable softness of cotton. Together, the two natural fibres offer perfect temperature control, wick away moisture and are fast drying. The TENCEL® fibre is the product of sustainable forestry. TENCEL® blended with cotton is also especially robust and durable for even twice the level of sustainability.

 Daily Function Leasure Wear | CALIDA

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Microfibre | CALIDA

Feel great from head to toe no matter what the day brings. CALIDA has developed a special microfibre that is perfectly suited to the needs of an active lifestyle, is fast drying and inhibits odour thanks to the ultra-fine bioactive silver microparticles that are embedded in the fabric. Meryl® Skinlife is smooth and soft like a second skin, is elastic and fits perfectly all day long.

Daily Function Serie Performance

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Polyamide Cotton Touch | CALIDA

Cotton Touch gives you that all-round feeling of comfort in microfibre quality. Tailored to the needs of people with active lifestyles, it has a natural feel and softness that feels like a second skin. It regulates body temperature, wicks up moisture and keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable.

Daily Function Serie Vitality

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Cotton with Polyamide Silverplus

The combination of the finest cotton in exquisite CALIDA quality along with cutting-edge functional technology for optimal comfort. Silver microparticles are embedded in the fibres for an anti-odour effect – keeping you feeling fresh even during intense physical activity.

Daily Function Serie Fresh Cotton

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Cotton Pure by Heiq | CALIDA

The finest pima cotton combined with patented Swiss textile technology provides lasting freshness and more comfort all day long. The silver microparticles integrated into the fibres have an anti-odour effect to optimize the natural properties of the cotton. The functional cut with inserts under the armpits protect against sweat spots, and the rounded neckline ensures the perfect fit.

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