General terms and conditions

1. CALIDA friends forever is the loyalty programme of the CALIDA brand for its regular customers. All rights in conjunction with the CALIDA friends forever card apply exclusively to the CALIDA Group and the respective regional companies of participating CALIDA stores in which the customer registered for the programme.

2. There are no obligations for participants arising from the advantages and benefits offered by the CALIDA friends forever card.

3. By signing or making the first purchase with the CALIDA friends forever card, you participate in the loyalty programme. You permit CALIDA to collect personal data and information about your purchases and analyse and use it for marketing purposes in the CALIDA Group. This data is treated with strict confidentiality and shall not be forwarded to third parties.

4. The corresponding points are credited to your account upon presenting your CALIDA friends forever card/the affixed bar code at the checkout of a participating CALIDA retailer. Points cannot be credited to your account if a purchase has already been made.

5. Your account will be credited with one loyalty point per purchase value of CHF 45/EUR 30 (depending on the currency used). Purchase values cannot be rounded up or saved for the next purchase. Upon collecting 10 points, a loyalty premium valued at CHF 45/EUR 30 shall be awarded to you for your next purchase in participating CALIDA stores.

6. Reduced goods and items by other brands are not included in the loyalty programme. The purchase of gift cards is also not included. Loyalty points are credited to your account only upon redeeming the gift card and presenting the CALIDA friends forever card. When returning goods eligible to earn points as part of the programme, the points will be deducted from the loyalty card again.

7. Points can be collected in all participating stores, regardless of the country. However, the loyalty bonus can only be redeemed in the participating CALIDA stores of the country in which you registered for the CALIDA friends forever card.

8. The loyalty bonus is can only be redeemed when you spend more than CHF 45/EUR 30. If the purchase value is below this, the loyalty bonus cannot be deducted from this purchase. Cash payment is not possible. The loyalty bonus expires after five years.

9. Cards which have been lost are replaced free of charge and without the loss of your collected loyalty points.

10. CALIDA may present the customer with special offers at regular intervals.

11. Loyalty points are not permitted to be collected or redeemed in the online shop or non-participating CALIDA retailers. An overview of participating CALIDA stores is available on under Advice & Service or in participating CALIDA stores.

12. Membership can be cancelled at any time. To do so, you can request cancellation in writing to CALIDA and destroy the card. Loyalty points already collected expire with cancellation of your membership and do not entitle you to claim for compensation in any way.

13. CALIDA reserves the right to make changes to the present terms and conditions at any time. The valid version of the terms and conditions are published on under Advice & Service and apply from the next time the loyalty points are awarded as accepted by the participants. CALIDA also reserves the right to make changes to, end or temporary suspend the CALIDA friends forever programme for important reasons.

14. The place of fulfilment and exclusive place of jurisdiction is the headquarters of Calida AG, 6208 Oberkirch, Switzerland.