CALIDA Friends Forever online – The loyalty programme

For all standard purchases over CHF 45/EUR 30, you will receive one loyalty point for every CHF 45/EUR 30 spent. Once you have 10 loyalty points, we will reward you with an exclusive CALIDA loyalty bonus of CHF 45/EUR 30, which will be deducted from your next purchase. In effect, you benefit from every purchase, and can save up to 10%!


How to collect points:

– New customers: Register for the Friends Forever programme at the checkout

– Existing Friends Forever customers can now also collect points online: activate your existing Friends Forever card for the online shop as well.


How to activate your Friends Forever card online

  1. Login at

  2. Click ‘Register with Friends Forever’
  3. Enter your Friends Forever card number (beneath the barcode) and your postcode to receive your existing customer details.

  4. Now you can use the Friends Forever loyalty programme online, too. You will collect loyalty points automatically with every purchase. 
  5. You will also receive a confirmation email to set up your login password. Click on the link to create your password.


How to redeem your loyalty bonus


  1. If you have a loyal bonus available, this will be shown directly in your basket. Click on this. The value will be deducted from the total cost.