The CALIDA trainee programmes offer successful university graduates or graduates from vocational textile or commercial courses the ideal start to their professional career. Our CALIDA trainee programmes are a great stepping stone into the fashion industry and the perfect introduction to the textiles industry. They are carefully designed to promote future talent. The programmes, which last 12 to 18 months, provide practical training and advanced specialist and industry knowledge so that you can apply your theory in practice. During your training period, you will work closely with management-level mentors and become a key player in our day-to-day work. You take on responsibility and apply it actively to your area of work and the company. We offer programmes in both business and textile production.

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Are you creatively minded with a passion for lifestyle and fashion? Working closely with our professional team, you can apply the learned marketing theory on the job and thereby gain an in-depth and practical understanding of the marketing department. You will support our marketing managers in their day-to-day activities, work in the fields of trade and retail marketing, public relations and visual communications, and get involved in our projects. Job specification: You have a degree with a focus on marketing, as well as practical experience in the consumer goods industry (preferably fashion or cosmetics).


Want to start a career in retail? We sell our products through retail, wholesale (B2B) and e-commerce. On our retail programme, you will gain a deeper understanding of the diversity of our sales channels. You will play an active role in day-to-day work, assume shared responsibility for a range of sales activities and support the division in specialist projects. The close relationship between PM/design and marketing will allow you to gain a deep insight into our products. This programme is the ideal platform to apply and enhance your communication skills, extrovert nature, analytical expertise and business knowledge. Job specification: Degree in economics and practical experience in sales in the consumer goods industry.




You have the chance to apply your knowledge of textile theory into day-to-day practice while working closely with experts in the field of material development. As a result, you will be able to enhance your knowledge even further. You will be closely involved in day-to-day operations, develop and procure suitable materials (fabrics and components) and help to make sure CALIDA’s quality standards are met for all collections and production processes. You will also help to make sure all materials are in perfect condition. You will get to know our material specifications and will advise and support the product management and design teams on all issues related to quality and textiles. Job specification: You have a degree in textile engineering or an advanced vocational qualification as a textile technician. You also have good English skills.



The model development division is comprised of the cutting technology, work preparation and patterning departments. The goal of this division is to bring products to life (shape and finish) based on the specifications set out by the design and product management departments. The focus of this programme is the patterning workshop, where you will work closely with our specialists to cut and stitch prototypes and multi-use patterns. You will learn to use our specialist machines, create job schedules and bills of materials, develop packaging requirements and determine materials usage with the help of systems. In the model development trainee programme, you will gain an understanding of technical development in an industrial environment. Job specification: Qualification as a clothes designer or similar fashion qualification, a high awareness of quality, dexterity and an eye for detail.




As our trainee programmes are very practice-oriented, we offer them according to needs. As a result, we don’t have any specific start dates.

Should any trainee placements open up, we announce vacancies on our website at an early stage. If you wish to apply once a post has been announced, please use our application tool at

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our programmes. Please contact Carmen Mattmann at or tel. +41 41 925 42 16.

CALIDA is an attractive employer – we offer a range of exciting opportunities for fashion-concious, ambitious people. The people working at CALIDA are open, creative and flexible individuals with a healthy dose of ambition, high motivation and a passion for their work and the dynamic consumer goods industry. We look forward to meeting you!








Product development trainee 2011/2012, now head of the finished goods warehouse 

Towards the end of my degree as a clothing technician at STA (scuola specializzata superiore di tecnica dell‘abbigliamento e della moda) in Lugano, I conducted a lot of research into the clothing industry in Switzerland. At the time, the unique trainee programme at CALIDA really appealed to me because I was not really sure what I wanted to do in future. The programme gradually allowed me to learn about all the various workflows, the corporate philosophy and the company’s structures. I completed the 1-year trainee programme in product management with a focus on quality assurance. To begin with, I received an introduction into the various departments so that I could get to know all sides of the business at CALIDA. Later on, I got to say where my particular interests lay and the programme was adapted to my interests and needs. Not long after that, I started taking on my own projects and began playing an active role in the quality assurance department. To gain experience in production, I was given the chance to go to the factory in Hungary and also visited various suppliers in Turkey and India. Even while I was still a trainee, I was given my own group of suppliers to look after. Following the trainee programme, I gained a permanent position in quality assurance. My main tasks include organising and performing quality acceptance tests, checking samples during development, and predicting quality issues. For me, switching from a trainee to a full-time employee didn’t make much of a difference as I had always been closely involved in processes and issues right from the outset and a lot of trust was placed in me to begin with.

After a few years in quality assurance, I had the opportunity to move to the logistics department as a logistics coordinator, where I supported managers from various departments and worked in a variety of areas. The move was made easy thanks to the comprehensive trainee programme and the incredible support of my colleagues. I was able to expand my knowledge and learn about CALIDA’s whole logistics chain in detail. After a valuable year in which I learned a great deal, I had the chance to manage two teams and be part of a major IT project. In mid-2017, I was made head of the finished goods warehouse and promoted to CALIDA’s senior management. I currently lead four teams, and am still learning a lot every day. The trust placed in me has helped me progress within CALIDA and enabled me to continually develop both personally and professionally.

I really enjoyed my time as a trainee and would recommend it to anyone. It provided me with an ideal insight into various departments and helped me to gain a better understanding of the relationships and processes within a textile company. 




Trainee in model development 2016/2017, now employed in work preparation

In the second year of my vocational training course in clothing design, I had the chance to do a 3-week internship in model development at CALIDA. That placement granted me an initial insight into the various departments and how technical development worked in an industrial environment. This is what sparked my interest in CALIDA.

The 12-month trainee programme in model development with a focus on work preparation was the ideal entry into working life after my basic qualification in clothing design. To get to know how a collection is created and what processes are involved, I began by visiting the various departments, which helped me to understand how CALIDA works as a whole. I had the chance to attend meetings right from the outset, sitting in on sketch handovers and trial sessions. After an intensive introduction process, I was made responsible for the children’s line, guiding it from development to production. My tasks included creating model sheets, bills of materials and job schedules as well as cutting out and sewing sample pieces for presentations and presenting the children’s collection for the technical handover to production. During the trainee programme, I was welcomed in by an organised, friendly and helpful team, who supported and guided me through the process. Towards the end of my trainee programme, I travelled to the CALIDA factory in Hungary, which gave me the ideal insight into all the production operations. I also had the chance to visit the screen printer.

My year as a trainee was very helpful to see what direction I’d like my career to go in. What’s more, it was really interesting to be closely involved in the operations of model development, which complemented my skills as a clothes designer. I have been a full-time employee in work preparation since summer 2017 and have been enjoying it so far.



Retail management trainee 2013/2014, now a CRM/digital manager

During my degree in marketing, service and communications management at the University of St. Gallen, I worked as an academic assistant at the Institute for Retail Management. The trainee programme at CALIDA was therefore the ideal starting point for my professional career. Back then, I saw retail as an exciting interface between the company and its customers, as marketing is brought to life at the point of sale (POS). I found CALIDA to be an appealing brand right from the outset. I identify with it and am happy to stand behind the company’s products. While writing my Master’s thesis about using sustainability for profiling purposes in retail, CALIDA caught my attention in a positive way. After a 6-week introductory period – during which I gained a comprehensive insight into the complex processes at a textile company by visiting various departments – I soon began working directly with the Head of Retail. I then got involved in some major projects and took charge of some sub-projects. As well as creating a corporate presentation for expansion purposes, my first big project was launching a new gift card for our stores. The ability to work with multiple departments was again essential during the planning and implementation of this project. It was an exciting and valuable experience to see how marketing-relevant issues like card design, premium packaging and suitable POS presentation methods interact with IT processes in order to create an effective solution at the check-out. The experience I gained in project management was very valuable and great preparation for an even larger and more comprehensive project: the launch of a new customer loyalty programme. I was involved in the introduction of the new CRM system right from the outset and guided the project until it was launched in the stores. This process continued after the end of my trainee placement and transitioned into my move to a full-time employee in marketing. The trainee programme gave me the ideal chance to gain a deeper understanding of a varied company like CALIDA, take on responsibility at an early stage and develop as a person.