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CALIDA friends+forever

A single shopping experience at CALIDA is usually all it takes to become a loyal customer for life. We'd like to give you something back – after all, loyalty means a lot to us.

CALIDA Friends Forever

How to collect points:

  • New customers Stores: You can register for friends+forever at all participating stores. Simply fill out the application form and start using the loyalty card right away.
  • New customers online: Register for the friends+forever programme at the checkout
  • Existing friends+forever customers can now also collect points online: activate your existing friends+forever card for the online shop as well
CALIDA Friends Forever

For all purchases over CHF 45 / €30 / GBP 30, you will receive 1 loyalty point for every CHF 45 / €30 / 30 GBP spent. Once you have 10 loyalty points, we will reward you with an exclusive CALIDA loyalty bonus of CHF 45 / €30 / GBP 30, which will be deducted from your next purchase. In effect, you benefit from every purchase and can save up to 10 %!

And: At CALIDA, the whole family can gather with them. Then you and your loved ones will come much faster to your advantage!

As a registered CALIDA friends+forever customer, you will always be the first to know about the latest CALIDA highlights and benefit from special seasonal offers.

And we'll send you a little something by email for your birthday. So sign up now for our CALIDA friends+forever card.