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While CALIDA tank tops offer warmth on cool days, they also serve as regular clothing and can be paired with jeans and jackets. They accommodate style, preferences, climate and personal perception of temperature. CALIDA tank tops are a snug fit, are made of the finest materials and are beautifully crafted.

Whether it’s warm or cold, CALIDA has the right tank top for all temperatures
Tank tops keep your back warm in winter and can be matched with CALIDA bras and briefs. Also in summer, light spaghetti-strap, short-sleeve and tank tops are must-haves. Light microfibre or modal tank tops are perfect in summer. The feathery material feels great on your skin and often has a cooling effect. They are indispensable for transparent blouses or coarse-knit jerseys.

Cotton warms, lace charms – and top quality rules
CALIDA’s extensive selection of tank tops caters to all tastes and is suitable for all occasions. Choose from warm long-sleeve tops made of wool and silk, lovely tank tops with a variety of prints or classic cotton tanks with lace. Look forward to enjoying tried-and-tested CALIDA quality.