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Business class from CALIDA

Daily Functionwear clothing from CALIDA is clever. It knows that every day is different, and we all respond differently to the weather. Changing weather and exertion levels require different materials. The Functionwear series is the right fit for any requirement – whether work or leisure, day or night. Feel good around the clock – that’s Greatness born in Switzerland.

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Fresh & Cool

Keeping you dry no matter what happens – that’s coolness born in Switzerland. Innovative fibres guarantee all-round protection - moisture is expelled to ensure a clean, fresh feel, even during intense physical activity. Naturally, and with odour reduction.

  • Clean Cut - seamless, flat v-neck
  • Breathable and odour-neutralising
  • Lined armpits prevent sweat spots

Material functions


Not too hot, not too cold – just right. The materials also boast active temperature control properties for added comfort.


Moisture control properties ensure the textiles feel dry because they immediately release moisture into the air again.


The fabric inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria. The clothes offer long-lasting freshness, have anti-odour properties and stay comfortable.

Warm & Comfy

Underwear that keeps you both warm and stylish – that’s hotness born in Switzerland. With natural, finely worked fibres that warm and insulate against the cold.

Breathable and reliable, moisture regulating. For a fresh, dry feeling all day long.

  • Active moisture management
  • Woll warms, silk regulates the body temperature
  • Longer seat for a perfect fit
Daily Functionwear Men

Daily Functionwear Men

Relax & Wellness

Feel good all over, sleep in style – that’s wellness born in Switzerland. With dreamy fabrics and a stunning selection ranging from classic to sporty.

Soft to the touch and kind to the environment, thanks to its sensitive use of natural resources.

  • Breathable and odour-neutalising
  • Comfortable, dry wearing
  • Soft waistband with drawstring

Discover the whole DAILY FUNCTIONWEAR range