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Women’s power that moves.

Dear women, Let yourselves bask in the spotlight and show off your confidence about who you are and what you do! We’re proud of the power of our women, who comprise 86% of CALIDA’s workforce. Every day, they demonstrate their full commitment in the broadest fields of work, continuously refining our brand into the future. Today, three of them are sharing their personal career paths and sharing valuable tips with us.

8 March 2022  • 4 min reading time



In today’s Switzerland, it is impossible to imagine bedtime without pyjamas. But when British travellers first brought it back from India and Persia, this sleepwear was considered to be exclusively for gentlemen. It wasn’t until the 1950s that women discovered pyjamas for themselves. In 1957, parallel to this development in the fashion world, CALIDA invented something that made the brand famous beyond the borders of Switzerland: it introduced cuffed pyjamas and, with them, its patented waistband.

9 November 2021  • 6 min reading time

ICONIC SINCE 1941 – Happy Birthday CALIDA!

ICONIC SINCE 1941 – Happy Birthday CALIDA!

Looking back at everything we’ve achieved, we feel very proud. Looking ahead, we can see that we’re on the right track – and always have been. A new year has begun – and for us, it’s a very special one. We’re celebrating our 80th birthday with a huge YELLOWBRATION. And we’re not the only ones who think 2021 is the perfect year to celebrate all things YELLOW: the colour experts at PANTONE have selected the vibrant ‘Illuminating Yellow’ shade as joint colour of the year, alongside ‘Ultimate Gray’. A sure sign we’ve made the right choice!

27 January 2021  • 7 min reading time