Pyjamas with buttons 12 Items

Buy button-through pyjamas for women online at CALIDA

CALIDA buttoned pyjamas for women are available in many colours and designs. Despite, or maybe because of this masculine cut, buttoned pyjamas are gaining popularity with the ladies.

Buttoned CALIDA pyjamas combine great design and functionality

Buttoned pyjama tops have the loose fitting cut of a large men’s shirt but generally feature feminine colours, patters and details. Thanks to the buttons, these pyjamas are easy to put on and take off and are especially practical and popular with nursing mothers or women whose movement is impaired.

Light and cosy – CALIDA buttoned flannel pyjamas

When chilly seasons strike, CALIDA has specially soft flannel pyjamas at the ready for those cosy hours on the couch. The buttoned style is free and casual.