Underwear 15 Items
Comfort all round is easy with CALIDA underwear. CALIDA uses innovative materials for its top-quality underwear collection. Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail round off these long-lasting undergarments. The result: Unique, superior-quality underwear creations for every day and every occasion.

Underwear that highlights the natural you
Apart from the classic basic line such as ETUDE Toujours or ELASTIC, CALIDA also has trendy highlights in the latest colours and cuts. CALIDA’s underwear collection puts the emphasis on naturalness and meets your needs gently and sensitively.

Explore the comfort and variety of CALIDA’s underwear for women
The entire underwear range – CALIDA bras, tops, bustiers, body suits and various briefs and leggings – are a perfect fit and offer unbeatable comfort. The variety of cuts and shapes open up new avenues for creating individual styles.