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Love Capsule Collection

A celebration of love: Our Love Capsule Collection

True love is free, multifaceted and unconditional. And it’s more than just a feeling. It’s a commitment to life in all its facets. It’s constantly learning from each other. It stands for a big, colourful sense of togetherness.
We want to set standards in terms of variety and support life in all of its facets. Our styles are for all those who love – regardless of age, origin, beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.

“To us, love means freedom and ‘unconditional love’. Love is the greatest power and the best solution for all the problems and worries on our planet.”

- Francesca & Filip

“To us, love is when two lives (or for others several lives) become one. Going through hard times together, supporting each other, sharing feelings and realising that you’ve found everything you need or want.”

- Corinne & Anouk

The Rainbow Families umbrella organization

Every piece of clothing in the “Love Capsule” collection is unique and was designed with love. We believe you will be able to feel this love as soon as you put on our clothes. Not only is our “Love Capsule” collection fashionable, it also has a charitable purpose. For every purchase that contains an item from the “Love Capsule” collection, we will donate 5 francs to the Rainbow Families umbrella organization, which advocates for the recognition and equal treatment of rainbow families in Switzerland.

Discover our new collection now and be enchanted by the power of love: