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Our production

For over 80 years, our underwear has been the product of the highest standards in sustainability: every piece of clothing you buy from us represents a decision in favour of long-lasting quality and against a throwaway mentality. For fair, transparent production and sourcing of raw materials. For an honest appreciation of people, animals and nature. For an unbeatably great feeling – not just on your skin. That’s what we have stood for since 1941 – and have never stopped since.

100% European.

We are already closer than ever to our stated mission of achieving 100% European production: around 90% of the materials we use now come from Switzerland, Austria and other European countries. Production takes place via our own platform in Hungary. This allows us to check for and guarantee the highest quality, labour and environmental standards.

Portrait of Eszter

Eszter, 38, Seamstress

«I have been part of the CALIDA Family for almost 20 years. I've gained a lot of knowledge and deepened my seaming skills.»

Portrait of Istvan

István, 52, Cutter

«I really enjoy working with the different machines and getting to know CALIDA's materials.»

Portrait of Mari

Mari, 56, Cutter

«With CALIDA I had my first flight ever! I got to visit an other production facility, which I'm very greatful for.»

Portrait of Laci

Laci, 38, Warehouse coordinator

«I am a trained police officer and was looking for a new challenge 3 years ago. I am very happy with my decision!»

Portrait of Svetlana

Szvetlana, 47, Seamstress

«I have been working at CALIDA for 2 years and feel very comfortable here. I really like the familiarity and our team spirit.»

Portrait of Lajos

Lajos, 50, Warehouse coordinator

«I like new challenges and doing great things with my team. We always support and help each other whenever needed.»

More impressions from Hungary:

Mann an Maschine
Frau an Nähmaschine
lace upclose
portrait einer Frau mit dunklen Haaren
nähmaschine Nahaufnahme
Mann laufend in Produktionshalle
Mitarbeiter in Ungarn an Nähmaschine

Sustainably connected: our partners

True sustainability is lasting, and it’s not a solo effort. That’s why, together with our production partners, we focus on long-term collaborations. With some partners, we have been developing new ideas for even more sustainable materials and processes for decades.

Get to know our closest partners:

Lenzing AG

Lenzing AG, based in Austria, supplies us with the valuable and sustainable fiber TENCEL™. The fiber production itself is particularly environmentally friendly due to a closed cycle.

One of Lenzing's most important goals is to be climate neutral by 2050 at the latest. Lenzing AG is doing everything in its power to become one of the first climate-neutral fiber suppliers by 2050. To achieve this goal, the CO2 emissions generated must be reduced by more than 50% by 2030. For more information on this topic, please visit:

E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG

E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG, which supplies more than 60% of the raw materials for the production of finished products, has developed a special dyeing process that helps to reduce water consumption per kg of dyed fabric by 50% compared to the global industry average.

Likewise, the print factory achieves nearly 100% of the targets of the DETOX TO ZERO campaign initiated by Greenpeace in 2011. The aim of the campaign is to eliminate hazardous chemicals from textile production. Further information can be found at: