Mix & Match Pyjamas 2 Items
Warm & Comfy
Apart from CALIDA’s pyjama sets, you can also choose individual men’s pants and tops and build your own combinations. The mix & match pyjama has become a favourite. Pair a long-sleeved chequered pyjama top with plain short pyjama pants to match your personal taste and needs.

Combine individual pyjama pieces to your heart’s content
CALIDA’s Mix & Match pyjama collection includes classic pants, light bermudas, men’s T-shirts and long-sleeve tops. All cuts guarantee comfort, pairing sporty yet casual elements. CALIDA clothes are designed to harmonise. You can create a variety of combinations and banish boring from your wardrobe.

Go to bed in style with the latest pyjama trend
Come across the CALIDA Remix line yet? Here you’ll find classic basic shirts and pants in blue, grey and white. The very latest colours and prints offer ever-changing variety keeping you up to date with current trends.