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Comfortable CALIDA business underwear in premium quality

A confident demeanor in challenging situations is a must on the job. To give you a secure feeling always and everywhere, our business underwear from CALIDA ensures the best temperature compensation and pleasant air circulation under shirts, jackets, and such through natural materials.

If you do start to sweat, your men’s business shirt made of TENCEL™, ROICA™ spandex and such absorbs moisture reliably. Thus, our CALIDA business underwear contributes to a well-groomed appearance and a very special feeling of well-being, even during sweaty tasks. Convince yourself!

Temperature-balancing CALIDA business underwear for a confident appearance

Anyone who wears shirts or suits every day at work has certainly been confronted with the choice of the right business underwear. Because if you want to avoid strong sweating and the resulting sweat stains, you should reach for high-quality business underwear made of natural fibers.

At CALIDA, you find a selection of men’s business underwear made of temperature-balancing, natural textiles that keep you warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. The SILVERPLUS Quick Dry Effect of the TENCEL™, Micro Modal used provides the ideal moisture transport, fast drying and temperature regulation due to the unique properties of cotton and silk.

Sustainable & circular: Discover men’s business shirts in many cuts & designs

High-quality natural materials that provide the best temperature balance are not the only advantages you can expect from CALIDA. In addition to your well-being, we also pay attention to the protection of our environment with our men’s business underwear.

Our OEKO-TEX® certified products assure you a social and ecological production while the Cradle-to-Cradle® certificate promises a complete recycling in the natural cycle. This is how we want to give a piece of nature back to our environment and ensure more sustainability in your wardrobe.

Find the business undershirt that suits you and your job in our versatile CALIDA product range. The elegant V-neck and plain colors like black, blue, and white ensure a fashionable look, while the skin-tight, figure-hugging cut counteracts marks under your shirt.