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CALIDA Maternity: High-quality underwear & maternity wear for pregnancy

Expectant mothers often notice in the first months of their pregnancy how the clothes slowly become tighter. To protect the belly and give it enough room to grow, the right maternity fashion is often an important issue of the 8th week of pregnancy.

With CALIDA's Maternity collection, we want to offer pregnant women a selection of elegant and high-quality garments that are both comfortable and visually appealing. Besides the stylish maternity fashion made of natural materials, CALIDA also offers comfort, quality maternity underwear that will accompany you during and after pregnancy. 

Maternity style by CALIDA: jersey leggings, comfortable pants & tops for pregnant women

Whether at the beginning of pregnancy, in the 5th month or shortly before birth - the maternity wear from CALIDA offers you the most diverse loungewear, which ideally adapts to your belly size. Through a conscientious selection of fabrics, we offer you leggings and pants that will accompany you throughout your pregnancy until birth and beyond.

The high-quality cotton, jersey and natural Tencel fabrics offer ideal air circulation, efficient temperature equalization and quick drying. At the same time, their great elasticity and pleasant feeling on the skin provide the highest wearing comfort - without pinching, adjusting or scraping.

CALIDA maternity underwear for mothers (pregnant): breastfeeding bras, nightwear and panties

Lingerie is another important topic during and after pregnancy. On the one hand, you need enough support for your belly, on the other hand the materials are also important to avoid odors and moisture as much as possible. CALIDA High waist slip goes on the tummy and support it, while natural materials improve breathability.

After pregnancy, a breast-feeding bra is used. It is also comfortable, does not clamp anywhere and is easy to open or close. The breastfeeding bras of the Maternity collection of CALIDA are made of natural materials with a comfortable elastic. They support the breast and are ideal for fast breastfeeding with easy handling, even on the go.