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Highest quality & comfort in CALIDA ¾ pajamas for ladies

A ¾ pajama set for ladies is the perfect middle ground between airy and warming sleepwear. Even light shorts and long pajama pants, thick and thin tops and underwear sets that are perfect for either winter or summer.

Using selected materials and thoughtful cuts, CALIDA manages the balancing act between airy, light nightgowns for tropical nights and, for the cooler seasons warming pajamas. Be inspired by our high-quality selection of fresh cuts and color combinations. Find your perfect ladies pajamas in ¾ length.

In CALIDA’s premium range you have the choice not only between the most diverse designs, cuts and color combinations. But also, between a handful of fairly produced materials that promise the highest wearing comfort!

Find the perfect ¾ ladies pajamas: Comfortable & sustainable

CALIDAs ¾ pair of ladies pajamas ensures a restful night of the year. By using natural and breathable textiles, our nightwear is unique to care easily for but also sustainable. Convince yourself of the unique quality and durable properties of our OEKO-TEX® certified materials.

Besides using high-quality Supima cotton, we also design the production of the popular TENCEL™ silk blends and all other CALIDA textiles to be ecological and fair. In this way, we want to give a piece back to nature and convince our customers with uniquely soft and cozy underwear that shows its quality.

From playful to sexy: diverse designs & colors from CALIDA

Whether it’s an elegant short-sleeved top with a button-through V-neck or the simple version with a round neck and long sleeves; at CALIDA you’ll find an enormous selection of helpful cuts that cut an outstanding figure even at night and emphasize or conceal in the right places.

Discover our unique range of elegant ¾ women’s pajamas. These are suitable even as loungewear or cuddly outfit for a nice evening with your loved one. Whether you choose an elegant design or one of the playful patterns, our ¾ pajama collection for fashion-conscious ladies has in store. With the high-quality nightwear from CALIDA you will feel comfortable and well-dressed in any situation.