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Every woman can naturally accentuate her femininity and feel better with a well-fitting bra. A bra that fits right promotes upright posture, which boosts self-confidence as well. Selecting the right size is paramount. Every woman can naturally accentuate her femininity and feel better with a well-fitting bra. To find the right size, we recommend first getting measured at a specialised shop, or you can use our bra size calculator. Then simply try on some different designs and shapes. This way you're sure to find the perfect bra. And as breasts change over the course of life, it is advisable to remeasure now and again.

As with everything in fashion, the materials and production techniques used for bras are constantly changing and developing, as are their designs. Where in the past breasts tended to be pushed forward to a point, these days naturalness and comfort are the main focus.

For us, that means exquisite material quality and fit as well as adjustable straps with a width that is in proportion to the cup size. Most of our bras also have cotton-lined cups, giving a pleasantly soft, natural feel against the skin.

And now, what does the perfect bra look like?

In terms of style, whatever suits your fancy, of course. When it comes to the fit, you can follow these pointers: the underwire surrounds the breasts, without pressing into them at the side or on the front. It shouldn't lift off the ribcage when you move either. The centre gore between the cups should lie flat against you without pressing. The bra must also extend around the body in an even horizontal line and should not slip up on the back, i.e. the underbust measurement must be tight enough. The padding should “package” the breast well, without protruding or cutting in at the edge of the décolleté, and the same should be true for the straps.

Still looking for the perfect bra?

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