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Carbon finish

A special surface treatment used to give cotton fabrics a pleasant softness and warm feel.


A yarn made from the wool of cashmere goats that is one of the most valuable and costly natural fibres known. It is very lightweight, and wonderfully soft and warm, making it especially comfortable on cold winter days.


A synthetic fibre known for its exceptional elasticity that gives fabrics greater stretch and an optimal, wrinkle-free fit that provides great freedom of movement. Also known as spandex in North America.

Fine rib

A knitting pattern that alternates knit and purl stitches to produce fine vertical ribs. Fine rib is particularly stretchy and fits well to the shape of the body.

1:1 fine rib

Fabric with fine ribs on both sides of the material.

2:2 fine rib

Fabric with a clear rib structure on both sides of the material. It is very stretchy and fits comfortably to the shape of the body.


A very high quality fabric knitted with two sets of needles and interlocking stitches to create a smooth surface that looks the same on both sides. Interlock fabrics are stretchy yet retain their shape.


A single or double knit fabric made of various raw materials or fibres. It has one flat side and one piled side. Jersey fabrics are extremely comfortable to wear and easy to care for, making them a popular choice for sleepwear, daywear and T-shirts.

The following types of jersey can be distinguished:

Single Jersey

Double Jersey

Low-pill finish

A special manufacturing process that reduces the formation of little balls of fibre (pills) on the surface of the fabric. Items look smooth, clean and more elegant.


A process whereby very high quality cotton fabric is treated under tension to alter its structure. The finish achieves a permanent silky, wash-resistant lustre and increases the fullness and strength of the fabric. Pilling is also significantly reduced.


A generic term for polyester and polyamide fibres and yarns that are finer than silks, for instance. Microfibre knitwear is very soft to the touch, flowing and lightweight, making it extremely comfortable to wear.


Manufactured fibres that have the same physiological properties as cotton. Viscose fibres are made from regenerated cellulose, which comes from common wood species such as beech, spruce or eucalyptus. Contrary to cotton fibres, viscose yarns are made as a continuous filament. Modal yarns are made primarily by spinning.

Both modal and viscose are known for their especially soft feel, and are similar to cotton in that they are cool on skin, retain their shape, are easy to care for and absorb moisture well. Their smooth, high-quality surface gives colours a brilliant lustre.

Moulded cups

Bra fabric or bra cup material that is heat-moulded to a round shape. The advantage of moulded cups is their comfort and look. Because the cups are seamless, they do not cause irritation and the bra is invisible under clothing.


Ornamental work in woven or knitted fabric showing fine openings or holes. The resulting patterns are called openwork patterns.


A synthetic fibre that dries fast, is easy to care for, resists creasing and retains its shape. Polyamide is used frequently in women's lingerie, stockings, swimwear or sports wear.


An ideal fabric for functional wear because it wicks moisture away effectively from the body. Polyester has the greatest resistance to tears and abrasion of all the synthetic fibres.

4:4 rib knit

A lingerie fabric with a very clear rib structure on both sides and a high degree of stretch that shapes comfortably to the body.


Lingerie items with no side seams or with flat edge finishes. They shape nicely to the body and feel like a second skin. Because these items do not cut in and show no lines, they are ideal for under clingy clothing.


A fine fibre made of the cocoons of the larvae of silkworms. It is the only continuous textile fibre found in nature and is composed mainly of protein.

Silk regulates body temperature, retains its shape well, and is lustrous and durable.

Dyed silk fabrics give especially brilliant colours. However, silk is sensitive to high temperatures, abrasion and water stains.

Single jersey

A knitted fabric, made primarily of cotton, with one flat side and one piled side. It has little lengthwise stretch, but considerable crosswise stretch and is very comfortable to wear. Consequently, single jersey is particularly well suited for items worn directly on the skin, such as sleepwear, daywear or T-shirts.

St. Gallen lace

Very high quality, traditional lace made in St. Gallen.

Twisted yarn/Twisted

Thread that consists of at least two strands of yarn that have been twisted together, thereby giving it greater strength.

Virgin wool

A term reserved for the highest quality of wool that is harvested by shearing from a living animal. It is wool that has never before been knitted, incorporated in a finished product or otherwise processed.