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Underwear is more than just clothing unseen. Nothing gets closer to us than underwear – we wear it directly against our skin, which is why high-quality materials and good craftsmanship are especially important. And its why we immediately feel so much better when were wearing quality underwear. CALIDA underwear is exceptionally well-suited for everyday wear. For us, this means that it is beautiful enough and good enough to wear every day. Even after a long time it still fits well while remaining comfortable and looking great. Not to mention, it simply feels good.

Underwear made from fine materials:
only the best on your skin

At CALIDA we have more than 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing underwear – and we want to get even better. Our aim is to offer underwear suitable for every day, every taste and every situation. And our top priority is always durability, quality and attention to detail – from design and fit, developing the best materials, through to the workmanship of the final product. This is why we exclusively use high-quality, mostly natural materials: fine cotton, such as Pima, Supima or swiss+cotton, but also cellulose fibres like MicroModal® and Tencel®, and premium blends, such as merino wool and silk.

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Every woman is different, and so, too, are her curves – our range of underwear needs to be just as diverse to ensure that the items really fit well and suit each individual. Our womens daywear comes in countless varieties, from small and sexy to classically covering, from simple to romantic, sporty to seductive. Decorative soft lace or embroidery made of cotton or shimmering viscose, smooth or fine rib texture, with little bows, buttons or pure minimalism. In prints and block colours, perfectly delicate or designed for firm support. Warm underwear for cool days and vice versa.

What all the styles have in common is their high-quality material, fit and fashioning. We strive to make sure every item fits well and is comfortable, whether it's a simple cotton brief or a lace panty. Enchanting details such as contrasting seams, fine piping and ruffles also give our underwear its typical CALIDA style.

Our line of bottoms for women

Our line of tops for women

Our bras

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Men also have a large selection of undershirts, long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts with various collars, briefs, tight boxer briefs and loose boxer shorts, as well as long underwear. As with our womens items, we also use only the best materials; including functional fabrics, for example, with anti-odour properties.

Our line of bottoms for men

Our line of tops for men

Daily Functionwear by CALIDA:
Functional underwear for every day

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