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CALIDA Cosy Shower Bathrobe
CALIDA Cosy Shower Bathrobe
CALIDA Cosy Shower Bathrobe


calida Cosy Shower Bathrobe

163,50 €* 81,75 €

Colour: dark lapis blue

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50% cotton, 50% polyester

Velvet 40° machine wash, suitable for tumble drying

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15 reviews
10.02.2022 – from Jean-Nicole
Elegant and Cozy
The blue-colored robe is an elegant color and style, while also being cozy, comfy and warm. It's a keeper!
18.01.2022 – from SUSAN
Elegant robe indeed!
I've had my eye on this robe for a long time. When I read the reviews and saw how highly rated it is, I finally broke down and bought one of them in the navy color, size large (I am a size 16 in the USA and am 5'4" tall, weight about 150 lbs.). It falls just below my calves and it is not so long that you can trip on it.

It is a beautiful robe and I've been wearing it every day since it arrived. I washed and dried it and it did not shrink at all. It looks and fits the same way as before.

The quality of this robe is beyond outstanding! I suspect I'll never need another robe in my life as it is made so well that it is beyond impressive! The fact that it is velour on the outside and cotton on the inside makes it a real treat as it never gets too hot and allows the skin to breathe unlike a robe made out of solid polyester. It is so soft! My cats just love it and enjoy rubbing their heads against it!

I would recommend this robe to anyone that needs a good robe that they can wear year round. Where I live, it never gets really hot. It tends to be about 60 degrees most of the year but it gets quite cold in the winter. This is truly a robe for all seasons.

Thank you for making this beautiful robe Calida! I've recommended it to others that are seeking a quality made garment like this one is! It is ruly worth every cent!

Susannah in California
23.09.2020 – from Natalija
Very great product,soft and elehant.
a great gift for Christmas, it’s time to get ready for them