7 care tips for your CALIDA swimwear

…the CALIDA Swimwear is manufactured from the best materials! You will find below 7 helpful tips to support our customers keeping it in the best possible state:


1. Always wash the swimwear after swimming with cold fresh water.

-Chlorine and sea water remnants have to be washed out directly.
-The swimsuit/ bikini has  to be washed after wearing it 2 – 3 times to avoid non-removable dirt.

2. We advise to washing by hand rather than in the washing machine.

-The colours of the mainly elastic material will remain more shiny and brilliant.
-Closures and straps will not be damaged.

3. Use the right detergents for coloured materials!

-The brilliance of the colours will remain longer.

4. Bikini tops and swimsuits with cups

-Don't push the cup into the opposite direction otherwise the cup could look dented.

5. Do not let  the swimwear dry in the sun

-The bikini will look bleached out and the touch and feel changes.
-Let it dry in the shadow to keep brilliance of the colours.
-Never use the tumbler or the heating!
-Don't leave your swimwear wet and scrunched up.

6. Applying sun lotion

-To avoid ugly spots apply the sun lotion 20 minutes before getting dressed. Try to avoid the contact of the sun lotion and your swimwear.

7. Take care when getting in contact to sharp or edgy things

-Pool surroundings, beach chairs and rocks can damage the bikini. Avoid the contact to sharp things.