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Stunning softness and an incredibly smooth feel – this is why we love our favourite series Etude. The popular CALIDA best-seller has now been relaunched. The result: Etude Toujours. Etude Toujours is the perfect underwear for every day. This classic series is characterised by its delicate vintage look, soft feel and easy-care material. The new modern triangle soft bra with padding and feminine regular panty complete the series. Des détails raffinés Etude Toujours celebrates pure well-being in every sophisticated detail. Elegant Dresden lace in a floral design and Jacquard stripes with delicate sheer striping lend the series a feminine touch. The exclusive lace has a flat finish and is completely invisible underneath shirts. Now in Swiss Cotton The Etude Toujours series is now made from swiss+cotton. Swiss Cotton textiles consist of select Supima® cotton of the finest quality, processed into premium fabrics in Switzerland in compliance with stringent quality and environmental standard
It all began in a bunker in 2008. After causing quite an uproar in Safiental in Graubünden last year, it has now arrived in the Appenzell region: the Null Stern Hotel ('zero-star hotel'). And this year, CALIDA is involved. Not only does CALIDA support the installation, the Sursee underwear brand also provides 'emergency pyjamas', which guests receive from their 'Null Stern' butler if they forget their own pyjamas. Even the photo shoot on the occasion of the Null Stern Hotel's opening took place in vintage-style CALIDA
The new Autumn/Winter collection is here! Get ready for a fresh look from CALIDA, inspired by the style code of a new era. With innovative cuts and vibrant patterns. But despite all the creativity, CALIDA is staying true to its unshakeable credo: perfectly manufactured, high-quality materials that are gentle on the skin and easy on the eye. Based on Coco Chanel’s belief that «Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself», the concept is all about embracing your own style – with confidence and joy and without co
Following an intensive renovation, we are proud to present our ShopVille-Zurich store (located in Löwenstrasse Passage) in its new chic form. Our completely renovated shop is bright, spacious and modern. After a five-month renovation phase, our store reappears in its established address with an inviting, modern ambience. Our open product displays invite you to take your time to browse and experience, while our Basics are visible at a glance to meet the demands of customers in a hurry. The newly renovate
Like a bit of romance in your everyday life? Then we’ve got something for you: the new CALIDA collection with delicate pastel tones. The colour palette ranges from milky pink and rosé tones to soft grey melange, fresh turquoise and bright mint. CALIDA stands out for its styles that are both attractive AND practical. Like the BILBAO negligee with low-cut back and lace racer-back straps. Almost too beautiful for underneath! The MADEIRA series made from MicroModal is wonderfully soft on the skin. The bus
Summer nights are all about staying up late – but when we do decide to be sensible and go to bed, we want to get a good night’s sleep in comfortable clothing that reflects our personal tastes. Our short, summery sleepwear made from high quality materials ensures natural temperature regulation and a good night’s sleep. With fresh colours and loving details, we’re getting in the summer mood. With the Favourites Trend line, you are completely free to choose. Shirts, bottoms and tops in all lengths and materials can be combined to create individual looks, while handmade prints will lift your mood. It sure would be a shame just to hide them under the covers! Bare-leg options for everyone And for hot nights? From shorts to nightshirts, we have a range of bare-leg options to ensure that you still get a good night’s sleep despite high temperatures. Tips for comfy nights And when short nightwear isn’t enough? We have some tips on how you can get a good night’s rest despite the hot weathe
Yes – in every sense! CALIDA looked to nature for inspiration when it designed its Daily Function lines. No organ serves as many functions as the skin: it regulates body temperature, protects against both heat and cold and is our sensory interface to the world. Our Daily Function collection is just as clever. It knows that every day is unique and that everyone feels temperature in a different way. Depending on the temperature and the activity, different materials can provide the perfect moisture and temperature regula
‘I do!’ – The two words that change your life forever. To make sure the big day leaves you with only the best memories, CALIDA offers the right feel-good lingerie, whether you’re the bride or one of the guests. It’s not only sexy, but also soft, comfortable, and sits like a second skin. The mountain wedding: Alpine chic The Alpine Chic line with its delicate vintage look is perfect for sensitive skin, made from a high quality fibre mix of milk proteins combined with softly flowing, purely plant-based MicroModal®. It is
Time for bed! Men don't miss out at CALIDA. Time for bed! Men don't miss out at CALIDA. Our short, summery sleepwear made from high quality materials ensures natural temperature regulation and a good night’s sleep. Whether you prefer a classic night shirt or short pyjamas, all of our products offer a high level of comfort. With the Remix line you have a wide selection to choose from: you can pick between short and long for both tops and bottoms, and pair them just as you like. Fashionable colours or cla
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The new beachwear collection focuses on special materials and the perfect feel-good comfort. Flattering cuts meet loving details and a carefully selected colour palette. #1 Pure elegance When it comes to the Lake Haven bikini in subtly shimmering silvery pastel blue, the especially high quality material is the real highlight. The delicate draping and feminine cut of this two-piece accentuates the ladylike look. #2 Ahoy sailors! CALIDA takes us sailing into summer with a maritime look! The mix-and-match F
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