The new TENCEL® & bamboo material is made from pure botanical fibres. It is fast-drying, antibacterial and regulates body temperature, for a pleasant, fresh feeling all day or all night. This soft, silky-smooth blend of fibres from natural origins is produced using particularly environmentally friendly and resource-efficient methods. Bamboo from plantations is used to produce the cellulose. The part of the fast-growing plant that grows above ground is used, so the plant can keep regrowing from its roots. Bamboo combined with TENCEL® natural fibres feels incredibly good, is soft to touch and gentle on the skin. Come and feel for yourselves!

The fibres made of Bamboo and TENCEL®:

  • regulate body temperature and are antibacterial
  • are fast drying and provide moisture control
  • provide a pleasant freshness
  • are silky-smooth and soft against the skin



Almost all of the CALIDA products made with the innovative fibre blend bamboo-TENCEL® are certified with the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label. Products with this label are made using materials tested for harmful substances in environmentally-friendly facilities with safe and socially responsible workplaces.

For a great feeling – not just on your skin.

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