Daily Functionwear for 'I get cold easily'

Depending on a person's unique temperature sensitivity, weather conditions and the level of physical exertion, a variety of different materials play their part.

Do you get cold easily? Then the following lines are perfect for you:


Wool & Silk | CALIDA

Wool and silk are the best natural climate fibres and optimize heat regulation. Together, they create a fine cushion of air that keeps out the cold and insulates, or balances out the temperature when things heat up. At the same time, merino wool has a moisture control effect. Thanks to its natural self-cleaning function, it is able to release the odours it absorbs.

Daily Function Serien Confidence, Richesse Lace & Wolle Seide

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Cotton with Meryl Nexten | CALIDA

The natural softness of the finest cotton combined with the breathable and temperature regulating properties of Meryl® Nexten: the product is a light stretchy fabric that insulates heat from the skin and wicks away moisture from the body for a dependably dry and fresh feeling.

Daily Function Serie Motion

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