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High quality and beautiful nightwear for children

You will find top-quality, attractive sleepwear for children at CALIDA. Since autumn 2016, CALIDA has certified Green by OEKO-TEX® as the number one underwear brand for all children’s garments. Whether you’re looking for pyjamas for your daughter or son, the CALIDA online shop’s lovely pyjama collection for babies, girls and boys takes sustainability seriously.

CALIDA certified sleepwear for girls and boys

As parents, superior-quality material is especially important when buying children’s sleepwear. CALIDA children’s pyjamas or footed one-pieces are made of pleasantly soft 100% pollutant-free cotton. The Made in Green by OEKO-TEX® label certifies that CALIDA products are manufactured with pollutant-free materials in environmentally friendly factories where staff are employed in socially compatible conditions.

Ultimate comfort for young and older children

Thanks to special and caring craftsmanship, CALIDA children’s sleepwear doesn’t squeeze, pinch or scratch at all, guaranteeing hours of rest. Design also plays a vital role for older children. CALIDA’s range offers a large variety your darling is bound to love.