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CALIDA night warmers for cold winter days

Do you love nothing more than getting really comfortable under a cuddly duvet in the winter? Then a warm pair of high quality women's pajamas in which you can snuggle up at night in the fall and winter should not be missing. Our wide selection of ladies pajamas will assure you a restful sleep thanks to their beneficial properties. Our durable sleepwear is not just made from durable and soft materials. In addition to this, it is also incomparably comfortable and vaguely cut, so that you can dream pleasantly while always enjoying the desired freedom of movement.

Women's nightwear and pants in many design variants

Do you want your ladies' night clothes not only to keep you warm, but also to look modern and feminine at the same time? CALIDA combines these requirements and proposes you night shirts and trousers in many design variants. Are you enthusiastic about the simple ladies night wear that you can wear every night as a timeless "all-round"? With our monochrome handcuffed pajamas, you just get that - and in addition to that, thanks to the soft cotton, a feeling of comfort of all time.

Our tip to wear with confidence: inside who love playful patterns: Elastic pajamas with polka dots, stripes or tiles, which already arouse anticipation for the next night at the sight.

For the benefit of the environment: discover heating and resource-saving night clothes at CALIDA

Are you tired of expensive brand night clothes which, despite their price, are produced in dubious production conditions? At CALIDA, we choose a different path: a fashion that is environmentally friendly, durable, easy to maintain and elastic. This is made possible by recyclable materials like the highest quality cotton, which just naturally feel beautiful on the skin.

OEKO-TEX®'s MADE IN GREEN label, which certifies many of our pajamas, shows how important it is for us to wear an eco-friendly pajama with comfortable fit. It certifies us just stages in social and ecological production. In a quality that you can feel every day when you sleep on your stylish long sleeve top.