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Calida underwear symbols

Laundry symbols & their meaning: What the signs on the care label reveal

Do you have problems interpreting the symbols on the care labels in your laundry? While the handwash symbol and the correct temperature are quite self-explanatory, the other laundry symbols are more like hieroglyphics from times long gone. To prevent accidents when caring for your laundry, we explain all the signs for washing, drying, ironing, bleaching, and dry cleaning.

22 September 2023  • 6 min reading time

Calida underpants from the 'NaturalSkin' series

Folding underpants: How to fold boxer shorts and briefs to save space

If you want to bring more order into your wardrobe and store your clothes neatly, you might be at a loss when it comes to the underwear drawer. Usually, pants are simply thrown into the appropriate compartments, which is a method that not only visually leads to chaos. To improve the clarity over existing boxer shorts and briefs, there are some simple methods for folding underpants. We will introduce them to you now!

20 September 2023  • 5 min reading time

Lady with bent legs and a top from the 'SweetDreams' series

Clothes after birth: Comfortable & stylish through puerperal

Whether by caesarean section or naturally: Giving birth is an extreme situation and puts a lot of stress on you and your body. Therefore, we would like to tell you in advance: Take as much time as you need. Enjoy the days after birth in a frayed home look and just make yourself comfortable with your little miracle. The time for taking care of your appearance is coming sooner than you think! If you would like to receive your first postpartum visit with washed hair and in clean clothes, we would like to give you some advice for postpartum clothing. Learn how to combine maximum comfort and style in a modern lounge look that’s also ideal for a post-C-section and breastfeeding mom.

13 September 2023  • 8 min reading time


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Sun shines through the open window in the morning

Sleep with the window open: What’s in favour & what’s against?

A lot of people sleep with their windows open at night – even when the temperatures drop to or even below zero in winter. But is an open window at night really healthy for the immune system? And what is the argument against sleeping with an open window? We’ll tell you about the pros and cons you should consider when you stand in front of your window in the evening and ask yourself: window open or closed?

15 September 2023  • 6 min reading time

Woman with Calidas lingerie from the series

Everyday self-care: seven downtime ideas & the perfect self-care day

Parents, professionals, students and many other groups of people share one thing in common in their daily lives: they often worry about others, about their own success or making a good impression on their superiors. So once they have completed their to-do lists at the end of the day, they should be happy, shouldn’t they? Unfortunately not. Because the one thing that is often missing in a strict everyday routine is me-time: self-care is the buzzword. Here are seven tips and ideas that you can use to meet your own needs every day! We also explain what your well-earned self-care day could look like, from a perfect morning to a relaxed bedtime.

23 August 2023  • 8 min reading time


Soothing scents for sleep: fragrance notes and their effects

If you’re constantly waking up at night or have trouble getting to sleep, you should check your sleep environment. Peace, tidiness and a room without many distractions can contribute to better sleep, but that’s not all – fresh indoor air and the smell of the bedroom also have a huge effect on your sleep environment. Allow us at CALIDA to introduce you to some soothing scents for sleep that provide relaxation through aromatherapy.

28 July 2023  • 7 min reading time