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Our promise

Forever exemplary. From the very beginning. For more than 80 years, sustainability has been more than just a word to us. It is the benchmark for how we act. From the selection of durable, resource-conserving materials and in-house production in Europe to our commitment far beyond our core business.

Pioneering sustainability. Ahead of our time.

Our goals. And each step is taken together with our customers. It’s nice to have you with us.

Small BAG. Big difference:

Our new sleepwear packaging.

Made from 100% recycled PET and 100% reusable – whether as a new laundry bag for travelling, a tech kit for charging cables, headphones etc. or as a supply bag for vitamins on the go. Whatever you do with it, it makes a big difference.

Binding: our sustainability strategies.

External engagement

Supporting local and other external institutions and initiatives, and promoting knowledge transfer together with stakeholders for sustainable development.


Reduction of the direct ecological footprint in self-managed and controlled operations and improvement of traceability along the value chain.

Product & Material

Establishing a transparent and integrated value chain that enables sustainable product development and distribution.


Creating a fair culture and a responsible working environment for our employees and empowering our partners to follow suit..

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