What is friends+forever?

CALIDA friends+forever is the loyalty programme for regular CALIDA customers. For every purchase you make in a participating CALIDA store or at www.calida.com, we will reward your loyalty with an exclusive benefit.

What are my benefits as a friends+forever customer?

  • Collect points – receive 1 loyalty point for each 45 CHF or 30 EUR that you spend. As soon as you reach 10 loyalty points, you will receive a loyalty award worth 45 CHF or 30 EUR.

  • If you have reached enough points for a loyalty award, it will be automatically redeemed with your next purchase atwww.calida.com or in our stores.

  • Birthday surprise: Get a small but excellent personal e-mail surprise for your birthday.

  • You will receive exclusive discounts and seasonal vouchers.

Always be the first to know about prize draws, promotions and the latest highlights, and receive individual product recommendations.

Where and how can I register?

You can register for friends+forever in every participating CALIDA store or at www.calida.com.

  •  In store Simply fill out the application form, take your cart and benefit immediately

  • Online: Directly register for the friends+forever loyalty programme here or during the purchase process

You can also activate your existing friends+forever card that you received in store online. This way, you’ll be able to collect points both online at www.calida.com and in our stores.

How can I collect loyalty points?

Present your friends+forever card whenever making a purchase. Per 45 CHF / 30 EUR / 30 GBP regular purchase value, we will award you with one loyalty point. To also collect points online with your existing friends+forever card, you’ll have to activate it online at www.calida.com. But you can also collect points online without a card if you sign up for the friends+forever loyalty program here (https://www.calida.com/index.php?cl=register) or during the purchase process.

How can I activate my existing friends+forever card online?

  1. Go to the Login page at www.calida.com

  2. Select “Log in with friends+forever“

  3. Enter your friends+forever card number and postcode to get your existing customer data.

  4. Now, you can also use your friends+forever loyalty card online, collect points and redeem loyalty rewards.

Are there exceptions when collecting points?

You won’t receive loyalty points for the purchase of reduced items, gift cards and vouchers or for shipping costs.

Where and in what countries can I collect loyalty points?

You can collect loyalty points in all participating CALIDA stores worldwide and at www.calida.com.

  • In store: You can also collect points in all participating CALIDA stores abroad. You can find an overview of all participating stores at Participating Stores.

  • Online: You can collect points worldwide at www.calida.com.

The same rule applies online and in stores:

  • Switzerland: 1 point for every 45 CHF you spend

  • EU countries and rest of world: 1 point for every 30 EUR you spend

  • UK: 1 point for every 30 GBP you spend

Where and how can I redeem my loyalty points?

As soon as you have collected 10 loyalty points, you will automatically receive a loyalty award worth 45 CHF / 30 EUR / 30 GBP. You can redeem the award with your next purchase worth 45 CHF / 30 EUR / 30 GBP or more in stores or online at www.calida.com. It may not be exchanged for cash. The loyalty award is valid for 5 years.

What happens to my data?

Personal data and information about your purchases will be analysed solely for marketing purposes within the CALIDA Group. The data is handled confidentially and not passed on to third parties.

Where and how can I change my address?

You can do it in stores or online under Change Address.

How can I find out how many loyalty points I already have?

Your current point status can be queried directly at the tills of participating stores. Feel free to contact your CALIDA store staff. If your friends+forever card is also activated in your online account, you can see your point status and the status of your redeemable loyalty rewards there.

Is the CALIDA friends+forever card transferable?

Yes, the card is transferable. This way, friends and family can also make purchases with your card and you will reach your loyalty award more quickly.

Will my collected loyalty points expire?

If you don’t use your card for 5 years, your loyalty points will expire.

I have lost my friends+forever card or the barcodes or they were stolen. What should I do?

Contact a participating CALIDA store quickly to receive a new card and new barcodes so that your loyalty award will not be redeemed by third persons. The points and loyalty awards collected so far will be transferred to your new card.

I have forgotten my CALIDA friends+forever card. Can I still collect loyalty points?

With your first and last name and your postcode, we can still find you in our systems and you can collect loyalty points as usual. This way, you can also collect points in store if you have registered online for friends+forever and thus only have an online account. Loyalty points can not be awarded retrospectively.

I want to unsubscribe from friends+forever, how do I do it?

Please contact one of our staff in participating CALIDA stores or our customer service at service@calida.com. Please note that you may unsubscribe at any time. In this case, your loyalty points will become invalid.

Whom can I contact if I have further questions regarding the friends+forever loyalty programme?

Our staff in participating CALIDA stores will gladly answer all your questions. Or you can contact our customer service at service@calida.com or TELEFONNUMMERNVARIABLE