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Treat yourself on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! On 14 February, people celebrate Valentine’s Day – either on their own or with their partner. We’re all about the motto: love yourself – today and every day. Feel confident and beautiful by treating yourself to gorgeous underwear or lingerie. So who actually came up with Valentine’s Day and why is it celebrated? And what’s the right underwear for this special day? Surprise yourself or your loved one with romantic underwear this Valentine’s Day. From sophisticated lingerie to elegant nightwear – we’ve selected our most beautiful Valentine’s Day highlights for you.

February 5, 2024  • 7 min reading time

Man and woman lie next to each other and wear the Circular Collection from CALIDA.

The perfect cycle: our Circular Collection

For us, love of nature doesn’t mean sacrifice – it means variety. In addition to new styles and looks, we are constantly developing innovative materials and finishes that meet the strict criteria of the voluntary Cradle to Cradle Certified® standard, which has been demonstrated through our 100% Nature line. As we move on into the new year, the line will retains its familiar quality but with a new name: THE CIRCULAR COLLECTION.

December 22, 2023  • 4 min reading time

Red underwired bra from CALIDA

Red underwear for New Year

According to tradition, you should wear red underwear for New Year! But where does this tradition come from, and what is the meaning behind it? This blog post answers all your questions and provides suitable style suggestions for a glamorous New Year’s Eve.

December 7, 2023  • 6 min reading time

Crowd in a meadow. It looks like a pink ribbon in large.

CALIDA at the Pink Ribbon Charity Walk 2023: fighting breast cancer together

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every year, the ‘Pink Month’ draws global attention to the importance of breast health. Breast cancer remains one of the most common forms of cancer in women, which is why it is important to promote research and prevention, as well as provide assistance to those affected and their families. The dedicated team at Pink Ribbon Schweiz also provides outstanding support by organising various events to give hope and confidence to those affected. Here is a brief review of the recent Pink Ribbon Charity Walk 2023 in Zurich.

October 4, 2023  • 4 min reading time

Man and woman wear pajamas by CALIDA from the series 'Mountain Dreams' and 'Swiss Relax'

Happy Birthday Switzerland: let’s celebrate Swiss tradition!

Today is Swiss National Day and we would like to explore the meaning of this special day. 1 August is a symbol of the unity and identity of the Swiss people and a very good reason to celebrate. Read on to learn about the Swiss history and traditions behind this important day and discover three leisurely activities that you can enjoy at home with your loved ones.

August 1, 2023  • 5 min reading time

2 men and 2 women stand next to each other wearing CALIDA nightwear. They have their eyes closed.

Enough to put you to sleep: the very best of over 80 years of Swiss sleepwear expertise

These days, there are so many tips on online platforms, social media channels and lifestyle blogs telling you how to become even more efficient, balanced, healthier and happier. However, the simplest and most effective method of achieving all of those things has been instilled in us practically from day one: our sleep. Read on to find out why CALIDA sleepwear has always had the most important function of all.

July 31, 2023  • 5 min reading time