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Care symbols and useful tips at a glance

Please turn inside out!

Washing clothing inside out protects colours and surfaces.

No fabric conditioner

Do not use fabric conditioner for delicate micromodal underwear as this will cause the fibres to stick together. Fabric conditioner also reduces the radiance of wool and silk clothing, which means that it ist better to use a shampoo.

Grey tinge?

Have your whites developed a grey tinge over time? Use a detergent for curtains to turn them sparkling white again. White linen can turn yellow if exposed to too strong or excessive sunlight and should therefore be dried in the shade.

Beware of limescale!

If your favourite pyjamas suddenly feel hard, it may be that limescale has settled on the fibres. A descaling tablet or a dash of vinegar essence in the last rinse cycle removes the limescale from the washing and keeps your washing machine running smoothly. And don't worry, the smell will go away.

Careful washing

Do not select a higher temperature than the one shown on the care label. Washing at too high temperature damages the fibres and fit. Low washing temperatures protect the environment and save money.

Care Labelling Symbols

What do all the pictures on the labels mean?