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Comfortable shapewear & women’s bodies by CALIDA

A high-quality CALIDA woman’s body is the ideal companion in everyday life. It can not only be combined under clothing for underwear but integrated into the outfit in a modern way as a short or long sleeve body. Thus, bodysuits are a popular alternative for tight-fitting tops, while the practical one-piece shape makes them particularly supportive and secure.

Our CALIDA women’s bodysuits are made for all power women who have an active everyday life. They want to make their lives even more comfortable with versatile garments. If you too choose a cuddly women’s bodysuit from CALIDA, you will benefit not only from the many combination options. Also, from a natural shaping effect that emphasizes your figure in just the right places and can cheat away a size or two under your clothes.

CALIDA bodysuits made from high-quality, soft materials

A bodysuit can be worn over underwear, but also instead. For this reason, it is important for these close-fitting garments they are made of high-quality and comfortable materials. These garments spend natural feeling on the skin and bring a temperature-regulating effect.

At CALIDA you will find an enormous selection of long-sleeved, short-sleeved and shirt bodies made of exclusive Supima® cotton. The moisture-absorbing natural material is ideal for summer as outerwear, for winter as underwear or even for sports.

If you want a special new skin feeling and want to wrap yourself in cuddly warm and insulating fibers in the cold months, choose our CALIDA body made of a wool-silk mix; 70% genuine merino wool and 30% silk of the highest quality bring you the best properties of nature.

Through summer & winter with comfortable CALIDA shapewear

Whether sexy with lace, very simple and elegant in black. Even as invisible shapewear in pure white at CALIDA, you will find a wide range of bodies that meet your taste and needs exactly. The special materials are easy to care for, insulate well in winter and have an air-circulating and breathable effect in summer or during sports. Discover the great selection and special novelties in our CALIDA body assortment and buy your new favorite body easily online.