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Restful sleep in Calida women's long-sleeved night shirts

Are you tired of sleeping in uncomfortable pajamas and waking up multiple times a night because your clothes are scratching or not adapting properly? With the elegant, long night shirts for CALIDA ladies, this problem is a thing of the past. Instead, expect to sleep quietly in your women's long-sleeved nightgown in the future and feel rested upon awakening. At CALIDA, you can expect comfortable long-sleeved shirts for women that give you maximum comfort with their soft fabrics.

Sleep as if on a cloud in night shirts with long sleeves

Feel for yourself the pleasantly soft feeling CALIDA Women's Long Sleeve Night Shirts leave on your skin. Especially in the cold fall and winter nights, the soft cotton fabric warms you up and invites you to dream with its beautiful natural fibers.

The soft interlock in fluid cotton comes with a pleasantly wide fit, so that the respective nightgowns leave you the desired leg and freedom of movement at night. You don't have to worry about the durability of the pajamas either: our certified cotton fibers are extremely easy to care for and hard-wearing, so you will benefit from the first-class material quality for many years to come.

Wide range of colors & designs - from simple to plaid

Discover our beautiful women's night shirts in many colors and styles now: As a lover of vibrant colors and playful patterns, you'll get your money's worth at CALIDA. Our selection of high quality long sleeve pajamas made from durable materials has beautiful patterns such as tiles and sophisticated details, for example, necklaces or flying cuffs, ready for you. Even if you prefer to sleep in regular pajamas, you will find many long-sleeved night shirts in light or dark colors at CALIDA.

Environmentally friendly: night shirts with long sleeves made from durable materials

You can dream in a long nightgown in a sustainable way with the long nightgowns: Our selected materials, which are tested according to strict quality regulations, have been awarded the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label, which certifies CALIDA fair social and ecological production chains. Say yes to a long-sleeved female nightshirt from our lingerie range and you also choose the sustainable use of our available resources and eco-friendly fashion.