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Review products and win prizes!

Review our products and take advantage of the chance to win a €50 voucher applicable to all valid reviews submitted by 30/06/2024.

Each review stands a chance of winning, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Participation in the draw does not depend on an order.

Conditions of participation

Valid until 30/06/2024. The winner of the draw will be notified by email. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash. Legal recourse is excluded. All data is used exclusively for determining the winner. It is saved and then deleted. Participation via a competition service is excluded. reserves the right to delete reviews from competition agencies and to exclude these agencies and their users from participation. There is no legal claim to the prize. reserves the right to publish the name of the winner.

It’s easy

  • Select the detail page of the item you wish to review.

  • Click on “Review now” at the bottom of the item.

  • FIf you have not logged in yet, log into your customer account at

  • Submit your review and save.

Review Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that your review is helpful to other customers.

  • The reviews published on our website must reflect your personal experience with the product. Reviews that cite, modify or reformulate third party reviews will have to be deleted.

  • Your clear-cut review helps other readers to evaluate the product better. Write your review such that it helps others to make a decision. Put yourself in the position of a reader who is deciding whether to buy the product or not. This customer needs your advice! Information about use, target group or your subjective impression are important. State clearly whether you would recommend the product and what is special about it. (e.g. fits snugly on your body)

  • Substantiate your opinion. Your personal opinion is important. But your argument should be easy to follow. What particular properties or functionalities is your positive or negative rating based on? What precisely did you like and dislike about the product?

  • Note the prescribed text length: Avoid reviews consisting of only a few words. Texts that are too short lack relevant information. And texts that are too long are tiring. Ideally, reviews should have 100 to 400 words.

  • Try to take into account aspects no other customer has mentioned. This will make your review valuable to other readers.

  • Product reviews are restricted to descriptions of the product in question. Reviews that do not relate to the product’s characteristics will be deleted.

  • Copying, citing or using excerpts of previously published product reviews and test reports is not permitted. Such reviews will be deleted immediately. The reviews published on our website must reflect your personal experience.

  • Irrelevant product reviews are not permitted. All offensive, indecent, sexist, racist, dishonest or illegal content is prohibited. This also applies to links to sites with such content. Reviews that do not comply with our rules will be deleted immediately and your customer account will be blocked.

  • It is not permitted to use product reviews to advertise for yourself or third parties. Your statements should be limited to a description of the product. It is not permitted to use your review to advertise for competitors’ products.

  • Product reviews are not a chat forum. Avoid discussing posts by other members in your review. Your review must focus on the product and ONLY the product. Discussions among members are not permitted. We reserve the right to delete such reviews.