Buy Sleeveless Nightdresses for Ladies online at CALIDA

Sleep soundly on sultry summer nights with CALIDA’s light, airy, sleeveless nightdresses. While these fashionable and feminine nightdresses can be worn at night, they also double as perfect summer dresses and are great for a walk on the beach.

Experience the height of comfort with CALIDA sleeveless nightdresses

Sleeping in a feathery, body-moulding CALIDA nightdress is like wearing nothing at all. Like pyjama shorts for women, CALIDA sleeveless nightdresses are especially airy and snug, but they allow you to move more freely.

Perfect for summer – cool, sleeveless, modal nightdresses

Light CALIDA nightdresses made of modal are ideal for especially hot summer nights or women who sweat easily. These fabrics absorb and dispose of moisture quickly, ensuring that CALIDA nightdresses are always nice and dry. Nightdresses made of modal fibres feel pleasantly cool.