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So soft... Our underwear line with the softband

So soft... Our underwear line with the softband

Elastic combines a sportive look with exceptional comfort. Discover our new spring colours!

Easy-care, durable, sustainable: Women's long underpants by CALIDA

With women's long underwear from CALIDA, you'll find a reliable, versatile model in various colors that you can wear on many occasions. Women's comfortable and long underwear combine the benefits of loosely trimmed leggings and warm underwear. As an absolute must-have, they sit ideally on the skin thanks to the high wearing comfort, for example, when relaxing on a Sunday afternoon or also as warming underwear in the cold season.

With their properties of temperature control and odor neutralization, your women's long underwear will be a multifunctional combination for any season. Our varied selection of ribbed pants with natural climate fibers has a pleasant refreshing effect in summer. During winter, you will be kept warm thanks to the tried and tested combination of wool and silk. In addition, you will discover thermoregulating leggings in our range of long briefs for women, thanks to which you will always be dry and comfortably dressed even on rainy days outside.

Enjoy the long summer nights and the cold winter days with women pants

With our selection of innovative women's long pants, you can also enjoy our incomparable CALIDA comfortable on summer nights. Our wool and silk blends are designed to naturally regulate moisture, even in very hot temperatures, giving you a sense of airy freshness.

In winter, Supima® natural cotton is gentle and protects you effectively from cold and humidity. Their especially long fibers make leggings easy to maintain flexibility. This ensures a unique and comfortable wearing sensation.

Sporting on the go with CALIDA long underwear

Even on sporty occasions, the odor-neutralizing pants accompany you wherever you want: If you don't want to sweat too much in your next Hatha yoga class, you will find comfortable companions in comfortable wool-silk leggings. Thanks to their insulation materials, they remove moisture optimally. As a result, no unpleasant smell forms and you feel completely comfortable even during difficult asanas.

Long-lasting materials for allergy sufferers and those wearing eco-friendly clothing

Our long-lasting materials are especially suitable for allergic people because of their skin-friendly properties. In addition, the high-quality underwear that gently caresses your skin comes directly from nature: Our selected materials, which are manufactured according to the highest quality standards, meet the needs of our environmentally conscious wearers. This is visible on the exclusive MADE IN GREEN label from OEKO-TEX®, which represents equitable social and environmental production chains.