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Our pledge

Since 1941, each of our products has embodied a pledge for the future. Quality that stays beautiful for years. Comfort we swear by – every minute of every day. Sustainability that’s more than just a trend. Developed in Switzerland. Made in Europe. For a difference you can feel – on the skin and in the world.

Sustainable before it was cool.

The durability of our products has long been legendary in Switzerland. CALIDA is worn by all ages and through the generations. We also like to keep good things going; innovations such as our cuffed pyjamas for restful sleep are more fitting now than ever. And we stay ahead of the pack – constantly coming up with new, voluntary commitments that set long-term standards throughout the entire industry.

‘We have always stood for quality, comfort and durability and are proud to continue to deliver on this brand promise with ambitious sustainability goals that set new standards in the areas of governance, products, environment, employees and external engagement.’

Alexandra Helbling - General Manager CALIDA

Even more sustainable in the future. Promised.

Goal #1

60% OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN by 2024.

By 2024, 60% of our entire product range will be certified by OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN. The independent label guarantees that materials and production have been tested according to strict social, health and ecological criteria.

Sustainability strategies that clear the way.


Contribute to our local communities and enable the know-how transfer with stakeholders for a sustainable development.


Reduce our direct environmental footprint in our facilities and improve traceability along the value chain.

Product & Material

Set-up a transparent end-to-end value chain enabling a sustainable product development and distribution.


Establish a fair culture and responsible working environment for our employees and enable our partners to follow.

Our sustainability report.

From the day our first product was launched, we promised that every single action we took would be carried out with the utmost respect for society and the environment. A promise of constant quality. Quality that should be both felt and seen in everything that we do. So here it is, our 2021 Sustainability Report. We take a holistic view of the entire value chain and focus on the impacts that matter the most. The sustainability report was created based on the goals, indicators and sustainability pillars defined by the CALIDA GROUP. The full ESG report can be accessed on the CALIDA GROUP website: