Unsere CALIDA Welt


Starting from a small sewing factory, in the past seven decades, CALIDA has grown to become a leading lingerie and lifestyle brand across Europe. Life in the 20th century was marked by rapid change. Fashion was no exception, and CALIDA’s innovations were a big contributor.


Women came into their own in the forties

1941 sees the official birth of the CALIDA brand by the two founders Max Kellenberger and Hans Joachim Palmers. CALIDA starts producing women’s underwear. During and after the war, many women are relying on themselves, and with its ‘guarantee underwear’, which can be repaired for free, CALIDA proves itself to be a true asset to its female customers right from the start.


Elegant New Look in the fifties

After years of deprivation, the world of fashion gave women a renewed chance to pamper themselves. Fashion designers created the New Look, and celebrated femininity with new elegance. The seamless CALIDA women’s brief helped create a slender figure, and the pyjama with the patented waist and cuff finish that prevented tops and bottoms from riding up, gained fame beyond the country’s borders.

Werbespot von 1957

Commercial from 1957


Short sixties

The post-war generation wanted to be free of conventions. Skirts got shorter and shorter. And CALIDA launched new ideas. The turtleneck relaxed the dress code and could soon be seen in every colour throughout Switzerland.


Commercial of 1965


Flower Power Seventies

Young people stylised themselves as the new model for society. Life was colourful and was to be enjoyed. Bell-bottoms dominated an entire decade. With overalls for women and men, CALIDA created the first home dress and with it a symbol for a new definition of freedom and comfort.


With Bodytime through the eighties

The body cult emerged and active sports finally became a mass movement. Aerobics classes sprang up like mushrooms – fitness suggested success. With the Bodytime line, CALIDA embraced the movement of the young body-aware generation and created a product that embodied the spirit of the times.


The label of the nineties

This phenomenal brand continued to shape consumer habits. Brands symbolize values and win sympathy. With quality and reliability as brand values, an exceptional price/quality ratio and the right amount of Swissness, CALIDA became a leading lingerie and lifestyle brand across Europe.


New ideas for a new millennium

The desire to experiment with new materials, functional fabrics and new manufacturing methods conveys optimism. The selection expanded to offer exclusive swimwear and attractive outerwear made of the best wool and cashmere. New to discover in a growing number of CALIDA Stores.


CALIDA opens its own stores

CALIDA enters the retail business market. The first CALIDA store opens in Zurich. More and more stores follow. The new stores are large, light and modern. The first CALIDA stores also open in Germany.


"Naturally me"

CALIDA focuses on individual well-being, zest for life and sophistication thanks to its new brand communication, corporate design and brand promise, ‘Naturally me’.


75 years of CALIDA

CALIDA celebrates its birthday the whole year round. In addition to various anniversary specials in the collections and various marketing campaigns, five new Basic series are introduced under the Daily Function concept. CALIDA also becomes the first underwear brand to use the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label.


Fresh CALIDA look

Inspiration. Born in Switzerland. Inspired by the style code of a new generation, CALIDA presents its fresh new look. The autumn/winter collection is characterised by innovative cuts and vibrant patterns. However, CALIDA nevertheless remains true to its unshakeable roots: perfectly manufactured, high-quality materials that are gentle on the skin and easy on the eye.



The I LOVE NATURE shirt by CALIDA is a true innovation in sustainability: the first compostable shirt made from TENCEL® MICRO fibre. Natural, eco-friendly and functional.

Calida Remix 3 Function